Monday, February 4, 2008

Are you “sick and tired of being sick and tied”?

I remember how healthy I was when I was younger. I was strong, never got sick, could stay up all night and work the next day. But the older you get the more you realize it’s was all down hill from them days. Sure you want to believe things haven’t changed but realistically you know, you can’t stay up all night and work the next day. You have aches and pains you never had when you were younger. And you know it’s time to get the flu shot or you’ll probably caught that cold going around at work.

So, you try almost anything, to be healthier because you know things can only get worst with age. So you try to eat right, and get some exercise like your doctor recommends but it’s hard to follow that diet because you just lover those cookies and it’s hard to get to the gym every day because something always happens to prevent you from going. You feel like you don’t have the energy you use to have, you don’t sleep as well as you use to and now you have problems with your stomach and old age is just setting in. When you think about it, it’s really funny that we come into this world with no teeth, wearing a diaper, can ‘t even hold your head up by yourself and being pushed around in a stroller and then, 80 years later, we are the same.

You realize that the older you get the harder it is to recover from anything. You know this from your own experiences and seeing older people having to deal with it. I know an elderly woman who died because she feel and broke her hip and I also remember when I was 20 years old, I broke my ankle and got a cast and was back to work 2 days later. Here is my own personal experience. I am 52 years old and have been in construction for 25 years. I have lived in south Florida for the last 12 years. Winters are nice but summers are killer with very high humidity and temperatures. I always stayed in good shape and got plenty of exercise. I have broken a lot of bones over the years but always recovered quickly. Then 3 years ago, 2 days before Christmas, I was doing a roof and feel off. It was about 17 fell to the ground. Now I have fallen from that high before but never really got hurt bad, you know sprained ankles and stuff. But this time was different.

I knew the second time I tried to get up and couldn’t something was very wrong. I had ripped the ball out of my hip socket, fractured 4 vertebra in my lower back, chipped the socket in my hip and cut the ball in half. Yes, I actually cut the 3-inch ball where my leg connects to my hip right in half. The doctor considered my age and what shape I was in and decided to screw the ball back together instead of a hip replacement. It took 6 months for that bone to heal. He said I wouldn’t be able to do construction again and would have to find another job. Fast forward, 6 months later. After only 2 weeks of rehab I was walking again. Against my doctors wishes I went back to my job. You see I could not find another job that would replace the kind of money I made, so I had no choice.

But something was different. I could not deal with the heat and humidity like I did before the accident. I felt run down, always tired and didn’t sleep well. I started drinking energy drinks every morning along with coffee but by 10:30 I was sitting in my truck with the AC blowing on my face. I needed to find something to get back the feeling I had before the accident. So I tried every kind of natural stuff I could find because I never did like taking pharmaceutical drugs. I tried most of the stuff on the market today. Noni juice, Goji Juice, you name it but none of them helped. The finally I found something that amazes me too this day. I sleep better, I fell energized when I wake up and have unlimited natural energy all day. Now the heat and humidity doesn’t bother me, like it did before the accident.

I was so amazed with this stuff I gave it to most people I know and my family. I figured it could help them if helped me. Needless to say they all take it daily and it has helped them with many different ailments they suffered from. One takes it for controlling his cholesterol and high pressure. Another because it helps relieve the pain she has from her arthritis, another person takes it for his acid reflux and my aunt takes for her IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which is the only thing that has helped her in 4 years. I have never seen one product positively affect the health of so many people. And they thank me every time I see them, what more could you ask for, than being able to help people you care about be healthier. All I can say id try it, and see for yourself. What do you have to loose but better health. You can always go back to your prescriptions you get from your doctor. But what if, what if, it is something that can truly change your health for the better. Poga Moonga Juice “Its Just Your Health”

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Poga Moonga Juice, the only TRUE, whole food supplement!

Poga Moonga Juice, the only TRUE, whole food supplement!

Poga Moonga Juice is just another overpriced, sugary, watered down, juice supplement! NOT! If you look at all the so-called natural supplements that have been coming out over the last 5 years, you’ll see just that. Sure some are good sources of antioxidants, which are very important to good health but none of them are a complete whole food supplement. What is the difference between a supplement and a whole food supplement? Well, supplements, are just that, a product to help boost specific areas, where you might be lacking things, that effect your over all health.

For instance, lets say, you feel run down and lack energy; a good vitamin supplement would be great. What if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, a good antioxidant like pomegranate juice, would be a great supplement for that. What if you have stomach problems like acid reflux, Aloe Vera is a great supplement for any digestive problems and also at keeping your immune system strong. You can even purchase a good amino acid supplement which will help repair and build muscle tissue along with creating new cells which are the building blocks of life. These are all great natural supplements, geared towards one part of your total health needs.

Then there’s a whole food supplements, which are great because they contain everything your body needs to be healthy. There aren’t many real whole food supplements available. In a whole food supplement you get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, immune system building, antibiotics and more your body needs to truly be healthy. There’s no guessing what you need, how much of what you need to take because everything you need is in one supplement.

Now you can go out and buy an amino acid supplement, an antioxidant supplement, a vitamin supplement, an immune system building and antibacterial supplement, a vitamin supplement or whatever combination you might think you need. But wouldn’t it be much easier to just purchase one supplement, a whole food, natural supplement that will provide you with every thing you need to stay healthy? Well there is one that I have personally tried and have been amazed with. Not to mention most of my family and friends are using it and they are amazed also. And everyone is using it for different ailments. It’s simply amazing.

I use it for my stomach problems, sleep and energy. My friend is using it to control his cholesterol and high blood pressure. My dad is using it for acid reflux. My fiancée is using it for her asthma. My mom is using it for her arthritis and my aunt is using it for her IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). We are all using it because it has truly changed what was ailing us for the better. My friend’s doctor can’t believe his cholesterol and blood pressure are this low. My dad isn’t taking pills that cost $6.00 each for his acid reflux. My fiancée isn’t using the neubulizer she was using for her asthma (she was hospitalized 2 times last year for it). My aunt has been suffering with IBS for 4 years, till now and there won’t be a morning, unless I’m dead that I will miss my 3 oz. shot.

I have never seen one product, truly help so many people with so many different ailments. All I know if it is helping other people with things that aren’t even wrong with me, I can only imagine how healthy I will be form using this product. If you use supplements now, that’s great but once your truly amazed by the power of a true, natural, whole food supplement, any other supplement won’t be able to compare. All you need to do is try it for yourself, for 30 days, and see what healthy truly feels like.

What do you have to loose but being healthy and if it’s not all I say it is, you can always go back to your supplement you take now. But if it is, you like the other people I have introduced this to, will not be able to thank me enough. Together we can break the “drug company rat till you die” syndrome and take back control of our health, now and in the future. Poga Moonga Juice, It’s just your health”.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Asthma and Poga Moonga Juice

There are many people who suffer with asthma. A shortness of breath, gasping for air, the wheezing and other symptoms can be very scary. It’s hard to imagine how scary it feels if you don’t actually suffer from it. I have seen how debilitating asthma can be. My fiancée has been suffering with severe asthma for many years. And on op of the asthma she has to deal with allergies. She couldn’t be around any dogs or cats without sneezing and her eyes getting puffy. Many times this would aggravate her asthma. She has a small “puffer”, just like primatine mist, which you can buy in the drug store but prescription strength, which we had to make sure she never ran out of. It seemed every half hour she would take a puff.

For the last couple years, it seemed we had it under control. No major problems. But in February of 2007, she was rushed to the hospital. She was there for 5 days while they monitored her. She was in pretty bad shape, wheezing and coughing and having to use the nuebulizer every 15 minutes. After 5 days she was sent home but this time with a nebulizer like they had in the hospital. You plug it in the wall and a little motor turned the drops to a mist for her to breath. It was weeks before she could actually leave the house without her nebulizer. Over the next several weeks she got a little better each day. Until she was back using her little puffer again.

Thinks were getting much better, then 3 months after she got out of the hospital she was admitted again. Again she was in for 5 days. The doctor couldn’t tell me, if something had triggered her asthma again or why, it seemed to go down hill again after just a couple months. Again it was a replay of what had happened. She was sent home and she started over again. It seemed every thing the doctor gave her and told her were not helping.
Was this be a glimpse of what we would be dealing with every couple months?

So I started doing research about any natural way she could help relieve the severity of her asthma. While doing research, I remembered, that the supplement I have been taking for 3 months had research saying it helped people with respiratory problems including asthma. I had been taking it for my cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux and I had experienced amazing results using it. It was natural and I knew it would be ok for her to try it even while taking the prescription drugs she was taking. So I convinced her to just try it for a couple weeks and see how she felt.

To our amazement, after just 5 weeks of taking it many of her symptoms were greatly reduced or gone. She didn’t need to use her puffer every hour. She wasn’t popping her prescription and allergy pills like candy like she had been. I’m not saying it cured her bad allergy and asthma but it defiantly improved the severity of it. Now. 4 months later, she barely ever takes any allergy pills and doesn’t take any prescription drugs. She has put her nebulizer away in the back of the closet and her little puffer, well. She has one but she’s not sure where it is. Before it was like a whistle on a police officer, it never left her side.

The prescription pills, the allergy pills, the puffers and the drops for the nebulae added up to a nice chunk of money every month, that we now do not spend. But most importantly is the fact that she has never felt this good about her breathing problems she has always has to deal with. Of course she has had some flare ups, but minor ones and nothing like the ones she use to have which put her in the hospital. And I have learned some thing. Our body is the most amazing thing on the planet. It can fix anything wrong with it as long as you give it what it needs to do it and without turning to pharmaceutical drugs. I guess the combination of the Moringa, which has been used for centuries for treating hundreds of illnesses and disease and the aloe vera, which has unbelievable immune building and antibacterial properties have had a very positive effect on her breathing problems.

I would recommend anyone suffering with the same problems to just try something like this product. Just being healthier is the only thing that’s important other than family. If you can improve your health, your doctor visits will reduce, your dependence on drugs will be less and spending time in the hospital will be less, all of which will help you live longer and healthier. Poga Moonga Juice, “Its Just Your Health”

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ayurveda , Moringa and Poga Moonga Juice!

Ayurveda provides both preventative and curative measures towards optimal physical, spiritual and mental well-being. The word "Ayurveda" is from the ancient Indian language and means "Knowledge of Life". Inherent in Ayurvedic principles is the concept that you are capable of taking charge of your own life and healing. One of the ingredients used in the writings of the Ayurveda is Moringa, which is the main ingredient of Poga Moonga Juice. Moringa is recorded in the Ayurveda for being used to treat over 300 diseases.

More than simply medical care, Ayurveda offers a philosophy whereby one may live a long, healthy life and prevent unnecessary suffering.. Ayurveda is known as the “mother of all medical systems”. Ayurveda has undergone continuous development, research and refinement over past 5,000 years. Originally from India, Ayurveda is currently experiencing popularity world-wide. Ayurveda employs the judicious application of exercise therapy, nutritional guidance, herbal medicines, transcendental meditation and many special purification therapies. Preferring to focus on the type of person who has the disease, rather than just understanding the type of disease the person has. According to Ayurveda, you can achieve health through daily routine.
Ayurveda and the 3 doshas

In Ayurveda, different people with the same disease sometimes receive different herbal and diet plans by taking into account each person's constitution and the imbalance. With Ayurveda, beneficial daily habits are different for each person, because each person is a unique combination of the 3 fundamental biological principles, which are called "doshas": Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Everybody has all 3 energies - although people experience each of them to a lesser or greater degree.

A Vata's frame is usually low and thin and thin in weight with prominent bones and joints. They have thin, dryand rough skin with a tendency for prominent veins and cold to the touch. Vata usually will have curly, coarse, dry hair. Their teeth are usually be large, crooked and protrude. Both their head and eyes will be small, unsteady and quick . Vatas have variable and scanty appetites. They will have trouble gaining weight and be thin. Vatas like salty, sweet and sour foods like pickles, cake and crackers. They find oily foods comforting and benefit from ghee, a form of clarified butter. They will nurse hot drinks to keep them warm. Their bowels are usually dry and hard, dry and prone to constipation. Vatas are hyperactive and can exhaust easily with minds that fantasize. They are extremely artistic, creative with extreme moods of joyfulness and fear, accomplishment and insecurity, and anxious. Vatas are always unpredictable and erratic. They are light sleepers with scanty, interrupted sleep patterns.

Pitta have a medium build, height, and bone structure, with soft, oily skin that's warm to the touch. They burn easily and have fair complexions. Pitta's hair is soft and oily and can bald and gray early. They have yellowish, moderate size teeth with soft gums that bleed easily. Pittas need large meals to be satisfied and have strong appetites but will not snack. They like astringent, sweet, bitter foods, like candy, green salads and bananas. They like cold drinks. They have frequent bowel movements with loose discharges. They must evacuate immediately when they feel the urge. They are moderately active, but with intensely competitive spirits.
They can be aggressive and overly assertive, highly intelligent and organized and with almost photographic memories. They become politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers - and get angry when not fed on time! They are easily irritated and can be dangerous when jealous, which happens often. They are fanatical about their faith.
Pittas sleep deep and short , with fiery dreams of violence and war. They are good orators, but can be sharp and cutting with their speech.

Kaphas are large, big boned, strong and thick. They don’t stand too tall, but often as the foundation of society. They become heavy by just looking at food and have a tendency to be overweight. Their skin is thick, smooth, cool, oily and pale. Their hair is thick, wavy, oily with strong even white teeth. They seldom get a cavity. Kaphas eat slowly and have small appetites and eat many small meals a day and are the big snackers of society. They like pungent, bitter, and astringent foods like spicy dishes and green salads. But Kaphas especially like dry, crispy things. They rarely drink, and have one heavy and full bowel movement daily. They are not very active and must study repeatedly to understand, but will never forget once they learn. Therefore they often prefer repetitious jobs where little innovation is necessary. Kapha people in general are reliable, steady and slow. They are extremely compassionate, patient, loving and patient, often becoming the clergy of different religions and social workers. They have highly developed spiritual feelings a deep and a steady faith. They sleep long and deep and often dreaming of romantic settings by lakes and rivers. They speak in a monotonous voice.

It is important to remember that we all are a combination of the 3 doshas. In Ayurveda, once you understand your body type or dosha, you can structure a diet for yourself which will really work to make you feel totally harmonized and balanced. You can also design an exercise plan which will benefit your dosha.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poga Moonga Juice, The “Whole Food Supplement”

Poga Moonga Juice, What a weird name for such a great natural, whole food supplement! Let me tell you how they came up with the name. First it is made up letters from the 3 ingredients it has. The “Po” in Poga comes from the pomegranate, which is one of the ingredients. The “ga” in poga comes from an amazing tree that most people have not heard of. It’s called the Moringa tree, which is the second ingredient in poga moonga juice. So now we have “po” and “ga” which gives you the first name. The second name “moonga”, well this is just another name for moringa in India where the tree has been used and grown for thousands of years. So there you have it “Poga Moonga”.

Pomegranate and Moringa together are a powerhouse supplement but they didn’t stop there. They also added a third ingredient, Aloe Vera, to make it a whole food supplement, unmatched on the market today Lets talk about the three key ingredients and why combined together, make it an unbeatable supplement. First, and foremost, you must realize, that Poga Moonga is just not another, fruity, exotic, sugary juice, like the one that have been coming out on the market in the last several years. It is NOT, a newly discovered berry hidden in the Himalayans and just discovered. The ingredients, even if you haven’t heard of them, have been used medicinally for thousands of years.

Lets start with pomegranate. Pomegranate contains a super-antioxidant, which is three times more potent than the antioxidant found in red wine. Antioxidants are coming into their own as of late because they are being found to help lower and maintain high blood pressure and cholesterol. They stop “plaque” build up in the arteries and thin the blood. Both of which are great at reducing the chances of getting strokes and heart attacks. The more research is done, the more amazing benefits are being discovered about antioxidants. We agree, that antioxidants are good for you but how much do you really need? Many of the natural fruit supplements available today are just an overdose of antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary, but they do not make a complete supplement.

Then there’s Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has 8 of the recognized 13 vitamins. It contains 20 of the 22 amino acids your body needs for life. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. They repair and build new muscle and make new cells. If your looking for something to cure any digestive problems you have, look no further. But the most amazing properties in aloe vera are it’s ability to build your immune system and fight off diseases. It also helps amplify the effects of any vitamin or supplement you take making it three times easier to be absorbed by the body, than without aloe vera. This is what sets aloe vera apart from any other product. Aloe vera has been used for centuries internally and externally for treating an endless list of illnesses.

And last but certainly not least important is Moringa. Moringa is so nutritious, that is given to pregnant women, new mothers and babies in 3rd world countries. It supplies them with all the nutrition they need to fight malnutrition. They have abandoned the old treatments of milk powder, vegetable oil, sugar and peanut butter, which have been used for years to treat malnutrition. And replaced it with Moringa. Moringa is so amazing they even use it to detoxify their drinking water. Just think how good of a body detoxifier it is. Moringa contains the 8 ”essential amino acids” your body needs but does not produce. It is the only plant that contains them. Moringa has such an over abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you would be hard pressed to find anything that can compare. Western medicine knows little about Moringa but ask anyone from India and they will rave of its power. It has been used for centuries to treat over 300 diseases, as written in India’s ancient medical tradition of “Ayurveda” .

Combined together, pomegranate, aloe vera and moringa form a “whole food supplement: un like anything available on the market today. Finally something that really works! Poga Moonga Juice. Its Just Your health”

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poga Moonga Juice and Acid Reflux, Heartburn and IBS!

I personally have been suffering with acid reflux for years. I was always eating ant acids, like they were candy. I had to watch what I ate because I knew it would not be long after, that the good old acid reflux would be there. I hadn’t eaten any spicy food like chili because it was spicy and that aggravated it. I love pasta but the sauce didn’t love me, heartburn and acid reflux, on the way. Then there was any citrus fruit. I loved oranges but they would really aggravate my stomach. Then like most people I always had that morning coffee which aggravated it also. Then after some research I found out it’s all about the acid in your stomach and when sphincter allows the acid to back up into your esophagus this causes heart burn and when it happen frequently it causes acid reflux. So really acid reflux is just chronic heartburn.

So tired of eating ant acids all the time I looked for a natural remedy. I tried many different things but I didn’t have true success until I tried Poga Moonga Juice. After only 3 days no more heart burn, no more acid reflux, I was totally amazed. I can now eat pasta, oranges and even spicy food, like chili, not to mention the 2 cups of coffee I have every morning doesn’t bother my stomach any more. Then, in November of last year my parents, aunt and uncle came to visit m for my birthday. I live in south Florida and they live in New Jersey. They had never been to Florida before. Three week before they were suppose to arrive, my mom called me and told me my dad was having his pills sent to my house so he would have them for the 2 weeks they were here.

“No problem”, I said, I will be looking for them and let you know when they arrive. Finally, they were here and the following morning, we all sat down in the kitchen and had coffee and breakfast. Then my dad ask for his medication he had sent, he needed to take one, so I got it for him. I ask him what he was taking it for and he replied my stomach problems, you know acid reflux. He said that they seem to help sometimes and it cost about $6.00 a pill. After what Poga Moonga Juice did for my stomach, I convinced him to just try it. To his amazement, after only 2 days he didn’t need to take those pills and today, 2 months later, he still doesn’t need those pills.

He told me he has had orange juice and pasta for the first time in years, without suffering. But the most amazing results, I have seen was my aunt. The first morning were all sitting having coffee and all she had was water and dry toast. She said she couldn’t eat or drink a lot of things because she has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). She had some kind of operation 4 years ago and ever since then she has been suffering with IBS. She said, it seemed every month her doctor would put her on a different drug but none of them were really helping. So, I figured, why not what does she have to loose. I convinced her to try Poga Moonga Juice too. Within 4 days, she was drinking coffee and eating regular meals. She didn’t know what to say, after suffering for so many years. And to this day she makes sure she gets her 2-ounce shot every morning.

I had read the research on Poga Moonga Juice and about how it was one of the best natural products available for any digestive problems. They said the combination of Aloe Vera and Moringa were an amazing combination for any stomach problems. But was even more amazing is that it also contained pomegranate juice. It is not just another exotic sugary, fruit drink but a true “whole food supplement”. We already know the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera. It provides 8 out of 13 recognized vitamins. It has 20 of the 22 amino acids our body needs. It has unbelievable antibiotic and immune building properties. But the most amazing ingredient are its phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are plant chemicals that have no nutritional value but contain protective and disease preventive properties. The phytochemicals in aloe are polysaccharides (a complex carbohydrate), enzymes (a protien that catalyzes chemical reactions), organic acids (an organic acidic compound) and various resins. These are the great aloe vera health properties that cannot be found in other plants.

Then, the pomegranate, which is a great source of antioxidants. The pomegranate has 3 times the antioxidants found in red wine. Antioxidants help thin your blood, prevent plaque build up in your arteries, which help in the prevention of heat attacks and strokes. But the Moringa, is the most amazing product on the planet. It is the only plant that contains the 8 “essential amino acids” your body needs but does not make. It has an abundance of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It’s so amazing that it is given to pregnant women, new mothers and babies, in 3rd world countries to provide then with all the nourishment they need to be healthy. They also use it to detoxify their drinking and cooking water. WOW, just think how great of a body detoxifier it is. It is recorded in one of the first books of medicine, from India, as being used to treat over 300 illnesses. And energy, you can’t find a better source of natural, sustained energy, no more energy drinks for me!

All I know, is that I have never seen anything help so many people and truly change their health and there won’t be one day, I won’t forget to get my 2 ounce shot. And the best part is it cost less then the energy drink I use to take everyday. Poga Moonga Juice, “it’s Just Your Health”

Friday, January 25, 2008

Veta-Vita—Vegamin, the magic elixir or is it really Poga Moonga Juice?

Veta-Vita—Vegamin, the magic elixir or is it really Poga Moonga Juice?

Do you need feel like you just don’t have the energy you use to? Do you have to have those 4 or 5 cups of coffee or those energy drinks, every morning, just to get your day started? Do you feel like every time a flu or virus comes around you caught it? Do you sleep as well as you use to? Do you have to watch what you eat and drink because you have stomach problems you didn’t have when you were younger?

Well, if you answered, “yes” to most of these problems, your not alone. These are just signs of getting older. Remember when you were young? You could eat anything, the spicier the better, you had an “iron stomach”. You never got sick; you were “healthy as a horse”. You would make older people tired just seeing how much energy you had and you after only a 2-hour “power nap” you still had plenty of energy the next day.

You can compare your body to a new car. When you first a new car it runs, great. Just turn the key and it starts right and runs “like a clock”. It has all kinds of power and you know no matter how hard you run it, it will still run good. Then it gets older. Now, you have to turn that key a little longer to get it started. And it runs, but a little rougher, not like when it was new. Last week it needed a brake job and you know that any time something else might break down.

So you get regular oil changes, tune ups and do minor repairs to maintain your car, to make it last longer. You know the better you take care of it the longer it will last. You know the oil, they use for your oil change, is made for your car. You know when they do a tune-up it will only help improve the way your car runs.

You wouldn’t use vegetable oil for an oil change or parts for a riding mower to do a tune-up on your car and you certainly wouldn’t put paint thinner in your gas tank, would you? But you will use pharmaceutical drugs that do not match your body chemistry. Because your body is so amazing it can take un-natural drugs and still work. But your body must use it’s own vitamins, minerals and nutrients to try to break down these artificial drugs, just to try to get something beneficial from them. And if that weren’t bad enough there is a good chance of having some kind of side effects as a result of taking the drugs.

Taking artificial drugs, prescribed to you by your doctors, sold to you by the drug companies is like using paint thinner in your gas tank with a little water added to make it worst. That is exactly what the drug company wants. They want your car to always need repairs and never run right. They want your car in the shop as much as possible for repairs. They don’t want you healthy! It’s not good for their business or their stockholders if you are healthy.

The problem is breaking the cycle. From birth we learn, you get sick you go to the doctor and get medicine. The FDA and your doctors will tell you eat healthy and get exercise and you will be healthy. It’s all a bunch of crap. Every product you buy to eat healthy is not healthy. There’s HGH in the meats, heck there’s even pesticides in the vegetables we eat, that just don’t wash off. That’s why there’s such a big push towards organic fruits and vegetables because there much healthier than regular produce from your grocery store but usually cost twice as much and most peoples budget don’t allow them to buy organic. And have you priced any meat that is just “corn feed” or doesn’t include all the additive the normal meat products have? It’s just as pricey as the organic products. So what’s the answer? What if I told you there was a “whole food supplement” that will supply you with everything your body needs, naturally.

All the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, immune building and antibiotic properties your body needs to be healthy. All you would need to do is eat sensibly and get some exercise. No expensive organic products or corn feed beef. Just get some exercise and don’t eat everything in site and you will be healthy. Do you think if you were healthier, you would get sick less, Yes! Do you think you would have fewer ailments than you would normally have? Yes! Do you think you would go to the doctor less and depend less on pharmaceutical drugs? Yes!

Do you think you would save money form fewer doctors visits and fewer prescriptions? Yes! Do you think the FDA, the drug companies and the doctors will be happy to see you healthy? No! Well, maybe your doctor if he truly cares about you. You want a real eye opener. Just go visit your grand parents and have a look in their medicine cabinet. They have been taking most of that crap forever and will probably take it until they die. That’s how much the drug companies care about you.

They care enough to make you a lab rat until you die.
Is this what you want your grandchildren to see when they come visit and look in YOUR medicine cabinet? Or do you have enough courage to break the cycle and try something that could truly change your health for the better and put control of your health in to the hands of someone who really cares about your health-YOU?

What have you got to loose, except being healthy. Besides if you don’t think it’s the most amazing product you have ever tried you can always go back to the drug company, they’re always glad to see their customers come back.
Poga Moonga Juice “It’s Just Your Health”